Ball skills

Football is increasingly being built around ball retention, superior technique and quick passing. Therefore it is imperative that youngsters are given the chance to improve their technical skills and techniques.



Before stretching, it’s important to warm up your muscles and joints. Stretching cold, tight muscles can lead to injury, therefore perform some gentle rotation exercises first. You can also jog on the spot or perform jumps, to raise your core temperature and increase your circulation before your stretch. For a stretch exercise to improve your […]


Team work

Playing sport teaches you the importance of self-discipline and teamwork. It also provides lessons on how to lose and how to respect to your opponents and team mates. Members of a team work together as one, in order to win games. A single players weaknesses are lessened when they are part of a good team. […]


Balance & Coordination

Balance is the ability to stay upright or stay in control of body movement and coordination is the ability to move two or more body parts under control, smoothly and effectively. Balance and coordination is one of the main fitness components and it is a factor for success in many sports, as it aids fluid […]

rads awards

RADs awards

To encourage positive interaction and responsibility, both to themselves and their house, we have introduced the RADS (RESPECTFUL AMAZING DETERMINED SUPERSTAR) awards. House points are awarded to the children who show good behaviour, determination, effort and ability whilst working with the coaches. These are: Red Level for 5 RADS Points Silver Level for 10 RADS […]

young leaders 4

Primary 7 Young Leaders

  in association with ABBI The RADS Primary 7 Young Leader Scheme provides an important testimony to the personal achievements of a young person.  Following consultation with Head Teachers in the ASG, it has been agreed that the recognition will stand alongside academic qualifications, as evidence of the skills and experiences that young people can […]

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Volunteer Achievement Programme

All children and young people are entitled to have the full range of their achievements recognised, as well as being supported in reflecting and building on their learning and achievements. The RADS Volunteer Achievement Programme supports and promotes achievement through non-formal learning. The programme provides an important testimony to a young person’s personal achievements and […]