Balance & Coordination

Balance is the ability to stay upright or stay in control of body movement and coordination is the ability to move two or more body parts under control, smoothly and effectively.

Balance and coordination is one of the main fitness components and it is a factor for success in many sports, as it aids fluid body movement for physical skill performance. If you have good levels of balance and coordination, then there is less chance of injury, as you will have appropriate postural responses when needed.


In football, dynamic balance is very important. You are moving and adjusting position constantly when looking for scoring opportunities or trying to mark an opponent. Good balance will help you to keep shots on target and to reach and play difficult volleys with accuracy.

There are two types of balance, namely static and dynamic. Static balance is maintaining equilibrium when stationary, while dynamic balance is maintaining equilibrium when moving. We use our eyes, ears and ‘body sense’ to help retain our balance. Coordination is a complex skill that requires not only good balance, but good levels of other fitness components such strength and agility. Balance and coordination can be improved through practice and training within specific sports.