Thank you very much to Euan and James for developing football skills in young children in such an effective manner”

Mrs Blair, Class Teacher

It was amazing because it helped us to learn more about playing football

McKenzie aged 6 years

It was so good because my dribbling got better

Wiktor aged 7 years

I really liked it because the games were fun

Sydney aged 6 years

It was really good. I was smiling the whole time

Amber aged 6 years

I learnt how to pass the ball

Dylan aged 6 years

It was fantastic because I learned to dribble and got better and better

Fraser aged 6 years

“We’ve loved being part of the RAD programme over this last term. The coaches are always enthusiastic and engage the children and staff in a variety of different activities to develop their fitness levels and show an awareness of the benefits of keeping fit in day to day life. Beth and Ewan encourage children to be the best they can be and are great role models for our learners. RAD certainly makes Kirkhill Primary get off to a great start on a Monday.”

Kirkhill Primary School

“RADS is great fun! They teach you new skills and exercises to build stamina. Ewan and Beth tell us about core muscles, fitness levels and the importance of team work.”

Thomas P7

“I really like the football dodgeball. Ewan and Beth are really good coaches and they are very good footballers at lunchtime.”

Cristiano P7

“I enjoy the coaches playing with us outside at lunchtime and have learned new fitness skills which have helped me when I do different sports.”

Jay P6

“I don’t really like football or sports but Ewan and Beth make it fun. It makes my Mondays feel a bit better.”

Jessica P7